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Cake Smash

עלה לוגו מירב זינר

There is no celebration for a child without a cake.

I must admit that as a photographer that aesthetics is very important to me, therefore, I’m not keen about cake smash photos,

 however, there is something captivating about a child beautifully dressed playing with a creamy cake as he pleases and smashing it all over the place. It's a joyful experience without borderlines that always ends with a child full of photogenic dirt!

So, I make sure other accessories are added to give those photos another element of creativity and art.

And for those of you who are as aesthetic as I am, I would love to offer a cake smash photo experience without a cake!

How does it work? With sweet substitutes that in the eyes of the child are just as attractive and heartwarming and most important – not as dirty!

Such as Corn flakes, cookies, bubbles and more...

Cake smash in any concept you choose, will allow you to document your children in real moments of play, exploration, and pleasure.

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