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עלה לוגו מירב זינר

About me

עלה לוגו מירב זינר
קצת על מירב זינר

My beautiful twins

Here's something a little personal--at the beginning of my career, I wasn't even a photographer.

I was a painter!!! 

And I spent hours sitting in front of the studio and painting landscape pictures.

And so I wanted to go to nature, sit in front of the real thing, but in New York’s winter it was impossible.


Then my husband offered me a brilliant solution!

He told me. 

Buy yourself a camera and go out and take a picture of the landscapes you love so that you can paint in the studio the photos you took, so you can enjoy and spend time outside, connecting with the wonderful world that God created, and yet draw your own pictures in your warm studio.


So I bought a camera, and from the moment I stood behind the lens I just fell in love, 

And the rest is history...


Nice to meet you , I'm Meirav Zinnar and I'm engaged in art boutique photography.

Every time I stand behind the camera, I feel like a memory keeper, and my job is to make this moment an unforgettable experience for you, and to document it so that you can return to it whenever you want, and get excited again — is a role that I take very seriously.

That's why I've been studying and experiencing new photography techniques for years, because it's always possible to advance and do more.

For years I continue to renew and accessory my studio with unique and rare accessories from all over the world, so that every photo I make will be special.

But my main point is the people.

Because I for one moment do not forget that in front of my lens there are children, babies or families, and each one has feelings and desires and hobbies and character, and each one is a whole world, a world I want to be reflected in the pictures I photograph.

And that is where my art is manifested, in the ability to take a moment and turn it into a story, your personal and family story, so that anyone who looks at the picture can really identify you, in depth.

One of my favorites is to take pictures of behind the scenes, when my intersect is busy with networks, MOM sets the hair for a child, a nervous girl before a bat mitzvah, a father looking at his soft baby with love, and these pictures add more depth to the stories I tell you.

I invite you to come and get to know my studio closely, check, touch the accessories and the environment, yes - you can touch and connect, it is also possible to venture out to beautiful landscapes of the forest of Beit Shemesh, and give yourself a truly unforgettable experience.

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